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The subject of Microbiology was one of the branches of the vast subject of Pathology since inception of Medical College of the state of Assam. In 1965, Medical Council of India recommended that Microbiology should be a separate subject and should have independent identity. In 1976, Govt. of Assam separated Microbiology from Pathology in Gauhati Medical College and declared it as an independent department. In 1979, Microbiology Department of Assam Medical College found its identity as an independent department. Post Graduate course (MD Microbiology) was started in 1989-90 with total number of two (2) P.G. seats every year.

Till 1991, the Microbiology department of Assam Medical College was housed in a few cubical of Central Animal House. Subsequently it was shifted to small building near the office of the Principal. In 2011, the department was shifted to newly constructed Basic science Building (West Block) of Assam Medical College and since then it has been giving service to the people of this region. In the year 2010, the number of P.G. seats increased to four (4) each year.

Department Overview

The Microbiology department of Assam Medical College & Hospital, Dibrugarh happens to be the only other laboratory in a Govt. run Medical College which is NABL accredited besides PGI, Chandigarh.

In addition to carrying out the routine diagnostic tests, the laboratory also employs an array of advanced tests like ELISA, DNA Sequencing, Fluorescent Antibody tests etc. The lab. is equipped with state of the art Bio-Safety Level II & III facilities for carrying out diagnostic and research work on mycobacteria. It can also carry out Line Probe Assay. The department also organizes frequent CMEs & workshop conducted by eminent scientists & doctors to train & educate students of AMC as well as other colleges of the NE. The department also played a pivotal role in establishing the ICMR funded Multidisciplinary Research Unit (MRU) which was formally inaugurated on 11.05.2013 by Dr. Vishwa Mohan Katoch, Secretary to the Government of India & Director General, ICMR in the presence of Dr. A.K.Adhikari, Principal, AMCH.

Our Facilities

We provide a wide range of facilities

01. Virology

b. Conventional PCR
c. Real Time PCR
d. Sequencing
e. Tissue Culture

02. Serology & Immunology

b. Immunochromatography
c. Latex agglutination
d. Fluorescent microscopy
e. Line Immune Assay
f. Immunochemistry by Mini Vidas
g. Mantoux Test

03. Mycology

a. Fungal Culture
b. Antifungal susceptibility testing
c. Molecular Identification of Fungus
d. Automated identification and sensitivity of fungus by Vitek 2

04. Bacteriology

a. Culture & Sensitivity (Aerobic & Anaerobic)
b. Automated culture of blood & Body fluids by Versatrek
c. Automated identification and sensitivity of bacteria by Vitek 2

05. Mycobacteriology

a. Zeihl Neelsen and Fluorescent staining
b. Mycobacterium culture & Sensitivity
       i. Solid Culture
       ii. Liquid Culture (MGIT).
c. Interferon Gamma Releasing Assay (ELISA)
c. BSL 3 facility

06. Parasitology

a. Identification of Protozoan and Helminthic Infection

07. Autoimmune Laboratory

a. Nephelometer
b. Fluorescent Microscope


a. Counselling and Testing for HIV
b. CD4 Count by Flowcytometry


The total number of samples tested from the year 2011 to 2016

Year Total number of tests
2011 31,498
2012 47,977
2013 51,732
2014 50,093
2015 63,532
2016 89,516

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