Research Activities


Study of AES cases by Molecular Diagnostics method under Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India (Molecular Biology / Virology Lab Project)- 5 years project from 2009. An Infrastructure Project. DBT, Govt. of India Prof. Lahari Saikia Dr. Jayanta Kr. Das
Cytokine profile of poly-functional T-cells in latent and active Tuberculosis patients: Impact of regulatory T-cells. DBT, Govt. of India Prof. Lahari Saikia
Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis in treated pulmonary tuberculosis patients. ICMR Dr. Reema Nath Dr. Pranjal Deori, Deptt. of TB & Chest, Dr. Pranami Borah, Deptt. of Radiology, Dr. Priyam Goswami, Deptt. of Medicine
Providing Laboratory support for Surveillance of Japanese Encephalitis in India CDC, Atlanta Dr. V. Ravi , NIMHANS - Bangalore Dr. Padmini Srikantiah, CDC-India, Site PI : Dr. Lahari Saikia AMCH, Assam
A study of comparative evaluation of conventional and molecular method for detection of childhood bacterial pneumonia - a hospital based study. ICMR Dr. Aparna Sonowal Dr. Aditi Baruah, Dr. Mithu Medhi
Characterization of virulence markers in shigella species and its correlation with disease manifestations in patients with diarrhea and dysentery. ICMR Dr. Gargi Choudhury Dr. Mithu Medhi, Dr. Aparna Sonowal
Identification of sputum and urine exosome based protein biosignature to diagnose and prognoses pulmonary Tuberculosis. PI: Dr. Dhruba Nanda Bhattacharjee, AMCH DBT, Govt. of India Prof. Lahari Saikia Dr. Reema Nath
Impact of transcriptional gene silencing of HIV1C on ectoenzymes and negative co-stimulatory molecules expressed by T-cell subsets: relevance to chronic immune activation in HIV infection”. DBT, Govt. of India Dr. D. K. Mitra, (AIIMS) Dr. Partha Prasad Chottopadhyay (AIIMS) Co-Investigator: Prof. Lahari Saikia, AMCH, Dr. Sanjeev Goswami (AIIMS), Dr. Kalpana Luthra (AIIMS), Dr. Sedevi Angami (Christian Institute of Health Sceinces & Research)
Capacity Building and Strengthening of Hospital Infection Control to detect and prevent Antimicrobial Resistance in India ICMR, New Delhi & CDC Atlanta Dr. Lahari Saikia
Hospital-Based Surveillance of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome in India CDC, Atlanta Dr. V. Ravi , NIMHANS - Bangalore Dr. Lahari Saikia, AMCH, Assam, Dr. Padmini Srikantiah, CDC-India, Dr. Amita Jain ,KGMU,Lucknow


Surveillance of infection in Neonates 0-28 days – and ICMR Task Force study-2 years project from 2011 ICMR Dr. Reeta Borah Dr. A. K. Borthakur, Dr. Gargi Choudhury
Pathogenic yeasts identification by sequence analysis of the internal transcribed spacer regions. (Under DBT, Govt. of India) - 3 years project from June 2012. DBT, Govt. of India Dr. Reema Nath Dr. Lahari Saikia, Dr. Gargi Choudhury
Identification of medicinal plants effective against Vibrio cholera stains that are prevailing in north-east India and characterization of bioactive components. DBT, Govt. of India Dr. Lahari Saikia
Spectrum of oppurtunistic fungal infection in HIV/AIDS infected persons in Assam and its association with CD4 T-Cell count. ICMR, New Delhi Dr. Lahari Saikia


Seroprevalence of Scrub Typhus in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Upper Assam. Mithu Medhi, Aparna Sonowal, Lahari Saikia, Sanjeeb Kakati, Md Ezaz Hussain. Int J Med Res Prof.2016;2(3);24-27

Species distribution & antifungal susceptibility pattern of oropharyngeal Candida isolates from Human Immunodeficiency Virus infected individuals. Partha Pratim Das, Lahari Saikia, Reema Nath and Sanjib Kr. Phukan. Indian J. Med. Res. 143, April 2016, 495-501.

Paragonimiasis in a Child from Assam, India. Jasbeer S. Roy, Partha Partim Das, Amrit Kr. Borah, Jayanta Kumar Das. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2016 Apr, Vol-10(4): DD06-DD07

Cryptococcus neoformans var. grubii infection in HIV-seronegative patients from North East India: Report of two cases with review of literature. Reema Nath, Basanta Laskar, Jishan Ahmed, Subhalakshmi Das, Longminder Timung, Lahari Saikia. Mycopathologia 2016 Apr 16;181(3-4):315-21.

Drug Resistance in Enterococcus Species in a tertiary level hospital in Assam, India. Jahnabi Barman, Reema Nath, Lahari Saikia. Indian J. Med. Res. 2016 Jan; 143(1): 107-10.

Bacterial Pathogens associated with Community Acquired Pneumonia in Children aged below five years. Anusmita Das, Saurav Jyoti Patgiri, Lahari Saikia, Pritikar Dowerah, Reema Nath. Indian Paediatrics 2016 Mar; 53(3):225-7

Inducible Clindamycin resistance in clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus. Partha Pratim Das, Gargi Choudhury, Lahari Saikia. International Journal of Medical Research professionals 2016; 2(1); 65-69.

Early Detection of Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis using Genotype MTBDRplus Line Probe Assay in a Tertiary Care Centre, Assam. Gargi Choudhury, Partha Pratim Das, Lahari Saikia, Nagen Tairai. International Journal of Medical Research professionals 2016; 2(2); 40-43.

Salmonella welteverden food poisoning in a tea garden of Assam: An Outbreak investigation. L. Saikia, A. Sharma, R. Nath, G. Choudhury, A. K. Borah. IJMM (2015) 33(4): 503-506

Subcutaneous mycoses: an aetiological study of 15 cases in a tertiary care hospital at Dibrugarh, Assam, northeast, India. Bordoloi P, Nath R, Borgohain M, Huda M.M., Barua S., Dutta D., Saikia L. Mycopathologia, 2015; 179:425-35.

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An appraisal of clinicopathological parameters in Japanese Encephalitis and changing epidemiological trends in upper Assam, India. Saurav Jyoti Patgiri, A.K. Borthakur, B.J. Borkakoty, Lahari Saikia, Ridip Dutta, Sanjib K. Phukan. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology 2014; 57; 400-6.

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Keratitis due to Staphylococcus aureus and Acanthamoeba species following injury.Reema Nath, Syamanta Boruah, Tapan Gogoi, J. Mahanta, Lahari Saikia. Tropical Parasitology 2013 Jan; 3(1):86-8.

Drug resistant Shigella flexneri in an around Dibrugarh, North East India. Reema Nath, Lahari Saikia, Gargi Choudhury, Daisy Sharma. Indian J. Med. Res. 2013 Jan; 137(1): 183-6.

Antibiotic co-resistance among extended spectrum beta lactamase producing urinary isolates in a tertiary medical centre: A prospective study Chronicles of young scientists Vol III, issue -1 - Nibedita Das, A. K. Borthakur. (2012).

Isolation of Shewanella algae from rectal swabs of patients with bloody diarrohea. Reema Nath, Lahari Saikia, Gargi Choudhury, Partha Pratim Das. (2011), Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology 29 : 422-5.

Sero-prevalence of risk factors of Herpes simplex virus type II infection among pregnant women in North East India. BMC Infectious disease - D. Biswas, B. Borkakoti, J. Mahanta, Kashwalia, L. Saikia, B.S. Akaijan et al. (2011).

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